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Frequently asked questions
concerning the action of CAFÉ MINCE with green tea extract.

Hello dear visitors of our site. We are happy that you are interested in our product.

Naturally after you found out about CAFÉ MINCE with green tea extract such questions as “What?” and “How?” arose. Write us and we’ll try to satisfy maximally your curiosity. We hope the process of weight loss will appear for you tasty and comfortable.

Question: Hello. I made an order one week ago. Tell please when I’ll receive the product?

Answer: We form each order during 5-10 days for mailing and plus one-two week is needed to deliver order to your post office. In other words total period is two-three weeks.

Question: Hello. I want to know the price for an order.

Answer: 1 box(14 sachets) – 29 Eur, 2 boxes – 39 Eur, 3 boxes - 49 Eur.

Question: Tell please about the ways of purchasing CAFÉ MINCE for those people who live in Moscow. Is there a possibility to buy that product for mentioned on your site price at your shop (at drug stores its price is far above), or it’s possible only with a courier deliver? In the case I would like to know how much will be the deliver?

Answer: The quickest and optimal way of order for you is a courier deliver. We do not sell the products at our office. The price for the courier deliver will be equal with stated on site.

Question: Tell please, what should do those people who had finished three-week course and didn’t lose any kilo!!? Maybe there is a system of money return or other things? I’m extremely indignant. I would like to see this opinion in a section “Frequently asked questions”.

Answer: The number of reasons you’ve not lost your weight is numerous: it might be hormonal changes in your organism, as well as individual intolerability regarding some of components of our product, and improper feeding – there is a statement in instruction list – “weight normalization, especially if combined with a diet”, that means you should help the preparation to get into your exuberant subcutaneous fat but not “made” it to fight the food you eat. Try to take the preparation combining it with a minimal diet (try at least not to eat after 6:00 p.m.) and you’ll get better results. It’s also possible that result will appear little later, it often happens – your organisms will start normalize metabolism by itself, and that of course will lead to losing weight.

Question: Might it happen that after finishing course of taking CAFÉ MINCE with green tea extract you’ll pile on the weight again?

Answer: Most of people were born with a normal weight. But still each has fat cells. In a normal cases fat – it’s only disbolism. Excessive depot fat appears only in the case, when organism while affected with external factors (bad ecology, low quality food, diseases etc.) does not cope with new fat substances it receives with the food we eat. So, new-made fat is saved by our organism “for the case”. CAFÉ MINCE with green tea extract prevent admission of new fat. They come out in a natural way without fixation. But for normal life activity fat is needed for human’s organism as well as proteins and carbohydrates. That’s why taking CAFÉ MINCE with green tea extract you make your organism “remember” where the recourses are located and how to process fat with its own efforts. This is the main principal of action of CAFÉ MINCE with green tea extract – new-made fat does not accumulate, and accumulated are used step by step – you losing your weight.

Question: How long should I take CAFÉ MINCE with green tea extract? How to avoid stretch marks after losing weight and save skin in a hitched condition?

Answer: If you take CAFÉ MINCE with green tea extract but don’t lose your weight, it means that your organism still receives extra fat coming with food, and it hasn’t enough strength to cope with new admission of the kind, so it becomes impossible to process excessive fat stores. Our recommendation is to visit a dietarian. Perhaps your organism contains too much fat and carbohydrates. If you lose weight too intensive you should gradually reduce your daily dose of CAFÉ MINCE with green tea extract to extenuate feeling of acute loss in weight. Too fast losing in weight is a kind of stress for the organism. Please have a patient in questions regarding your own health. You shall control temps of weight loss to prevent discomfort feelings. For the avoidance of stretch marks and flabby skin try to lose weight in a bland way, step by step, leading life activity in the same mood and your skin will recover its natural, healthy look.

Question: Are there any restrictions and contraindications with regard to using of CAFÉ MINCE with green tea extract?

Answer: It’s not recommended to take CAFÉ MINCE with green tea extract for pregnant and nursing women as they must follow special dietary regime, which usually shall be prescribed by a doctor in an individual way. It isn’t also recommended for children under 16 years of age, as at this age their organism isn’t formed yet.

Ordering, consulting and delivery for all European countries
by e-mail or tel. :

  • Greece:  tel. 210-6635943
  • Spain:  tel. +(34)938893126

International clients are served from our Greek office.


Phone : 210-6635943

Address : Institute of Biopreparations, 10, N. Papahristos, Spata, Attiki, 19004, Greece

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