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Confectioners created chocolate for weight loss

Spanish manufacturers created chocolate facilitating weight loss. The creators named chocolate Lola. The candies contain chemicals facilitating the production of hormones suppressing appetite.

Its manufacturers assert that the product has a taste of usual chocolate though it has a greenish coloring because of an unconventional additive, writes Daily Mail. According to the words of one of creators of the unusual chocolate Armando Yanez, the product contains algae particles with a high content of vitamins А and В12.

The candies manufactured by the Spanish Confectionery Company Cocoa Bio were first shown at the Chocolate Show in Madrid. The value of a box of candies amounts to five pounds (approximately eight dollars).

Investigations of scientists showed, that chocolate is extremely useful for human health. Experts found out that regular use of chocolate three times reduces the risk of death for heart sufferers. Other investigations showed that dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids reducing the risk of thrombosis and colorectal cancer.

Earlier scientists proved that daily use of chocolate slows down the skin aging processes. Just several pieces of chocolate with a high content of flavonoids prevent wrinkle formation as well as reduce the skin cancer risk, informs The Telegraph, referring to investigations of a group of scientists for the Private Dermatology Clinic “European Dermatology London”.

In the course of investigation experts were observing the condition of skin of volunteers divided into two groups. During 3 months the members of the first group took dark chocolate with a high content of flavonoids, the members of the second group usual chocolate.

Finally it was found out that the skin of volunteers from the first group was better protected from harmful solar ultraviolet emission.

Also the experts came to the conclusion that the use of chocolate reduces the probability of skin cancer incidence. However such features are peculiar to dark bitter chocolate only that is rich in flavonoids – antioxidants contained in cocoa beans.

As previously established by British scientists from Hull York Medical School and University of Oxford, the monthly use of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content can assist in fight against chronic fatigue syndrome and improve memory as well.

Investigations of Italian scientists found out that the daily use of dark chocolate helps to remove inflammations connected with blood circulatory system diseases, informs RIA News.

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