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Side effects of overeating

It never entered our heads that (besides the banal overweight) usual and such tasty food can became the source of rather unpleasant side effects.

Objectionable odor. According to results of some independent investigations the consumption of red meat (pork, beef, mutton) as food has the worst influence on the smell emanating from the body of a meat eater.

Acneiform rash. Food supersaturated with fats and transfatty acids causes intense activities of oil glands and release of excess sebum causing facial acne in return. Also researchers affirm that the same well-defined connection is observed between acne incidence and consumption of cow's milk.

Allergy. The most important side effect of each meal: in theory, each product can cause allergy. The scientists picked out 8 main products „responsible” for 90 % allergic reactions to food: milk, eggs, peanuts, hazelnuts (filbert, nutmeg, walnuts), fish, seafood, soya, wheat.

Candidosis (oidiomycosis). Candidosis infection appears in the organism because of the increased level of yeast cultures. This side effect may be caused by sugar, vinegar, yeast and products containing yeast: baked goods, kvass, bear.

Heartburn. List of products able to cause heartburn is rather long. Responsibility for increase of the amount of gastric acid and burning sensation accompanied by a bitter aftertaste in the mouth lays on citrus plants, fried and fat meals, vinegar, tomatoes and chocolate.

Increased blood cholesterol level or hyperlipidemia. Consumption of products rich in cholesterol as food causes the increase of the blood cholesterol level and threatens such troubles as heart attack, infarction, stroke. High-risk products: eggs, by-products (liver, kidneys, spleen).

Kidney stones. Followers of diets with high protein content and low carbohydrate content run the risk to get kidney stones. This side effect caused by animal fat contained in meat may be neutralized by spinach, nuts, pepper and tea.

Memory impairment and diminished learning capacity. By elderly people, whose food allowance consists mostly of high fat, transfat and copper products, food can cause memory impairment and diminished learning capacity. In accordance with some investigations the increased consumption of saturated fats and transfats is directly connected with the contraction of Alzheimer’s disease.

Oedemata. Frequent and uncontrolled consumption of products containing sugar, salt and soda as food causes oedemata: the organism ceases to excrete fluid. The organism needs a definite salt concentration. As soon as the required amount exceeds the norm the organism begins to wash out excessive salt by retaining water and it results in oedamata.

Headaches and migraine. Food is able to cause throbbing headaches (migraine) as well as girdle pains, when it seems that the head is completely tightened with a cord and its each cell is just about to burst. Certain products may cause such side effect because of their high content of amino acids: tyramine and phenythylamine. Give up excessive consumption of cheese, red wine and chocolate.

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