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Scientists: Human evolution caused
the obesity epidemic

Human evolution caused the current obesity epidemic.

This conclusion was drawn by American experts, writes Telegraph.

The man began to consume very sustaining food already 2 million years ago. But at that time it was necessary, affirms Professor William Leonard from the USA Northwestern University.

First of all for nutrition of the brain, the size of which was growing in the course of evolution. Also at that time the man moved rather actively. Sometimes our ancestors got over 8 miles a day to procure their food. But the modern man needs just to pick up the receiver for.

Namely the current sedentary lifestyle by consuming the same amount of calories, the brain got used to 2 million years ago, caused the obesity epidemic. At that the energy we don’t use, the professor says, causes the obesity as well as the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

We would remind you that earlier American scientists from the Duke Children’s Hospital Duke, North Carolina, carried out an investigation and arrived at the conclusion that books selected properly help teenagers to lose weight.

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